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The Untamed Special Edition

The Untamed Special Edition
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The Untamed Special Edition Lan Yi & Wei Ying was so similar while Baoshan; Lan Zhan was the same too, is it fate? And Lan Zhan Moe actually acknowledge Wei Ying as it’s owner partner from the start?

Drunk Lan Zhan is sooo cute plus the extended scenes where Wei Ying carried Lan Zhan to bed multiple time awww they’re soo cute! I am imagining things! I want more intimate scenes lol but nah some ppl are not that open minded for such. Anyways, bravo for these 2 actors. So professional!!!

Glad to know of this special edition of The Untamed. I am from Brazil and I love this series and its characters and especially the most perfect couple Xiao Zhan, Wang Yi Bo !!!!

Loving the extra scenes but I had to laugh at a subtitle with lan xichen saying that it was really difficult for his uncle to keep his beard?? When talking about wei’s mother 😂 after they got punished for drinking.

And so what happened afterwards? They stared at each other..and then lights off, don’t tell me they make out, so dark! lol.

Can someone tell me the difference between the special edition and the normal one. Please I can’t understand what the special edition mean I have seen till ep 3 which have no special edition word in the title.

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